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PeaceTree Center has been helping the community through a holistic integrated approach for over 10 years. We are passionate about operating an inclusive center that is dedicated to providing mental health and body wellness. At PeaceTree Center, we want you to branch out, explore your limbs & connect to wellness!

Healthy, Happy, Hopeful


We offer multiple areas of therapy for children, adults & families. 
Specialties include play therapy & trauma based therapy

 Part of our mission is offering wellness for our bodies as well as minds. Offering massage therapy services, yoga classes & a quite place for mindfulness & meditation.

Connections & community play an important part in our wellness. Our Connect & Create events or our Support Groups help bring people of the community together 

Our workshops & trainings are a great place to learn and grow. We offer these at varies times throughout the year for individuals and professionals. 

What's happening at PeaceTree?

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To schedule a therapy session, please call us at (304) 955-5111 or by emailing

To schedule a massage session, please call Beth at (304) 939-5537 or by scheduling here. 

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