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Trauma Therapy

Trauma is America’s next public health problem growing to epidemic proportions.

Traumatic Stress can result from a onetime event, shared event, repeated events and/or exposure to loss or circumstances that were threatening to you or others. It impacts your development and coping methods can become part of the way your brain functions.

In typical medical and western cultural models the symptoms of trauma are often treated separately with short term results that do not provide long term satisfaction. 

Symptoms of trauma include but are not limited to: addiction, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, mood swings, obesity, smoking, cancer, etc… Sound familiar???

In addition to single events or lifetime circumstances, Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) (problems that happened during childhood or development) have been studied and identified as traumatizing. ACEs are considered contributing factors to rising physical, mental and behavioral health problems. The ACE Study identified that Adverse Childhood Experiences resulted in multiple physical and mental diseases, disorders and even early death. Reference: .

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed previously, most likely you have been exposed to a traumatic experience. Some or most experiences that are perceived as traumatic are frequently overlooked and just considered a part of life. Because traumatic experiences come in all shapes and size our emotional and behavioral reactions are also different shapes and sizes. Our emotional and behavioral reactions may either propel us forward or hold us back. Are you tired of being triggered into emotional reactions and feeling overwhelmed with reactions you cannot seem to control?

PeaceTree Trauma Solution Designs integrates psychoeducation and treatment with the Instinctual Trauma Response Model to target and treat traumatic stress and dissociation according to the level of intensity necessary to achieve relief. This integrated model provides a simple method to process all levels of trauma to reduce or eliminate intense and troubling symptoms.

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Basic Balance Package

  • 1 Assessment

  • 1 Physical Therapy Treatment (Massage or Yoga)

  • 2 Psychoeducation Lessons

  • 3 Trauma Therapy Sessions

  • 3 Meditation Sessions

  • 1 Life Integration Plan

Better Balance Package

  • 1 Assessment

  • 2 Physical Therapy Treatment (Massage, Yoga, or Tai-Chi)

  • 1 Brain Intergration Activity

  • 3 Psychoeducation Lessons

  • 6 Trauma Therapy Sessions

  • 6 Meditation Sessions

  • 1 Life Integration Plan

Basic PTSD Package

  • 1 Assessment

  • 2 Physical Therapy Treatment (Massage, Yoga, or Tai-Chi)

  • 2 Brain Intergration Activity

  • 4 Psychoeducation Lessons

  • 8 Trauma Therapy Sessions

  • 8 Meditation Sessions

  • 1 Life Integration Plan

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