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Welcome to PeaceTree Center
Where you can branch out, explore your limbs, and connect to wellness!

Meet the Owner

Katrina Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S, CTT

Katrina is a certified trauma therapist and owner of PeaceTree Center for Wellness, In addition to trauma therapy, she is a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor and Licensed Certified Social Worker. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Marshall University and her Master of Social Work degree from WVU. She provides therapy for adults, children, adolescents, and families. With over 25 years of experience she has worked with many public and formal systems providing services to children and families across the state. She developed PeaceTree Center for Wellness as an integrated services approach for individuals, family and the community focused on holistic healing for the mind, body, and spirit.


Healthy, happy, hopeful communities empowered by connections that support peace, healing, wellness, and hope


Our center is a growing wellness development and training center. It is designed to connect individuals, families, and communities to activities that support our mission and vision of peace, wellness, and hope.

Our facility has conference rooms, play therapy rooms, a studio, personal meditation rooms for individuals, and several massage rooms available. If you are interested in renting out any of our available space for your wellness or personal needs, please click the link below. 


Our mission is to provide the connections that support peace, healing, wellness, and hope for individuals, children, families, groups, and the community

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