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PeaceTree Center specializes in Trauma Therapy & Play Therapy. Below is some information about these services as well as the additional therapeutic services offered

Trauma Therapy

Traumatic Stress can result from a onetime event, shared event, repeated events and/or exposure to loss or circumstances that were threatening to you or others. It impacts your development and coping methods can become part of the way your brain functions.

Sad on Couch
Child at Psychologist

Play Therapy

Play therapy is an approach that utilizes a child's natural language and behavior of play to therapeutically treat emotional or behavioral issues.

Additional Therapeutic Services Provided 

PeaceTree Center offers a wide variety of therapies for individuals & families 

Therapy Session

Individual Therapy

Specialized therapy for individuals seeking healing, hope, and mental wellness for a variety of mental health issues or concerns. Individual therapy is offered for adolescents & adults. 

Sibling Therapy

Therapy designed to alleviate recurring issues between siblings that cause disruption and inhibit success of the family unit. 

Siblings Playing Together
Family at home

Children & Families

Therapy focused on healing relationships, building communication, and promoting cooperation for families. This includes parent & child therapy, blended families & couples seeking services

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