Beginner Tai-Chi - Register NOW!



Tai Chi every Saturday starting August 26 - Dec.9.

Pre-Registration $80.00 for 16 weeks.

Register by clicking here (or the picture above) and pay at PeaceTree Center the first day of class or before.

Tai Chi Chaun is a Chinese Martial Art and Philosophical that instills a holistic understanding of equalibrium in all dimensions of wellbeing. Practicing Tai Chi regularly is proven to maintain strength, flexibility and balance. Some describe Tai Chi, as a Martial Art, Meditation, and Yoga all combined into one.

This class is ideal for all ages. No experience necessary.

Please visit: or call (304)955-5111 for additional activities at PeaceTree!

Further Questions? Please contact the instructor of this class, Jared Thomas ( 304) 932-3645.

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